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The “I Do’s” & “I Don’ts” for Wedding Flower DIY

by Ariane


Do: Consult a Florist

I also do a lot of what I call “Partial DIY Weddings”.  Have a professional assemble your bouquets, boutonnieres, or anything you find more challenging.  It’s worth it to get a few quotes to gain various ideas for centerpieces even though you anticipate doing them yourself.


Don’t: Tackle Too Much

It’s best to do no more than 25 complex arrangements.  More than that will overwhelm you and your helpers.  More is not always better.  Less is sometimes just enough.  Dialogue with your fiancé and decide what is manageable for your situation and circumstances.  Consider adding unique supplemental decor to your tablescape. 

Do: Keep it Simple

Using all the same flower in one vase is very easy to arrange and takes almost no instruction.  You can mix it up by having several varieties of flowers, but keep the same stems together.  Even easier is one stem per vase.  I love a single peony in a short vase.


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